Our One-Year Anniversary

Next week, November 6, marks the official one-year anniversary of Cordelia Anderson Consulting. I am so excited to commemorate this anniversary, and to thank all of you for your support during the last twelve months. I have learned so much this past year: how to file articles of incorporation, how to become a certified woman-owned… Continue reading Our One-Year Anniversary


Need a speaker for your next event?

I've got you covered. I have a passion for helping community-serving organizations such as libraries, nonprofits, educational institutions and government agencies. I also have extensive experience delivering high-impact speeches, presentations and training sessions. An established expert, I'm writing a book about marketing and communications for ALA Editions that will come out next year. Here are just a few… Continue reading Need a speaker for your next event?

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Book writing process

As you might be aware, I am writing a book for ALA Editions set to come out next year. This has been such an exciting opportunity for me, and the staff at ALA Editions have been amazing to work with. As most authors will tell you, writing a book is fun but hard! Staying on… Continue reading Book writing process

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Podcast Transcript: “Business Resilience Decoded” interview on Crisis Communications

Thanks to my awesome summer intern Sydney, I now have transcripts of the podcasts I've been interviewed for. Here's a transcript of the podcast "Business Resilience Decoded," in which I spoke about the value of good crisis communications in libraries. Narrator: Welcome to Business Resilience Decoded. From Disaster Recovery Journal and Asfalis Business Resilience. Now, here’s… Continue reading Podcast Transcript: “Business Resilience Decoded” interview on Crisis Communications