National Library Week 2023

It's almost National Library Week!  National Library Week, April 23-29, is a national observance sponsored by the American Library Association and libraries across the country. It is a time to celebrate the contributions of our nation's libraries and librarians and to promote library use and support. Unfortunately, it comes at a time when libraries are being… Continue reading National Library Week 2023

CAC Updates

Tell Me Your Success Stories!

Recently, when I was developing content for a new webinar, I found myself looking for examples of libraries who offered innovative programs and services during the pandemic. I found a few great examples online, but then I thought about all of you. I bet many of you, whether you work in libraries or other types… Continue reading Tell Me Your Success Stories!


Assess Your Library’s Crisis Preparedness

In order to manage communications during a crisis, you need to first know your organization's Crisis Response Plan, i.e. what you will do in the event of a crisis. A crisis response plan may be complemented by a Continuity of Operations Plan, which describes how you will continue to operate (or not) in different types of situations, such as… Continue reading Assess Your Library’s Crisis Preparedness


Addressing Library Relevancy

Last month, Gallup released a story that had libraries high-fiving across the internet. Gallup reported that "Visiting the library remains the most common cultural activity Americans engage in, by far. The average 10.5 trips to the library U.S. adults report taking in 2019 exceeds their participation in eight other common leisure activities." This was great… Continue reading Addressing Library Relevancy

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Podcast Transcript: “Business Resilience Decoded” interview on Crisis Communications

Thanks to my awesome summer intern Sydney, I now have transcripts of the podcasts I've been interviewed for. Here's a transcript of the podcast "Business Resilience Decoded," in which I spoke about the value of good crisis communications in libraries. Narrator: Welcome to Business Resilience Decoded. From Disaster Recovery Journal and Asfalis Business Resilience. Now, here’s… Continue reading Podcast Transcript: “Business Resilience Decoded” interview on Crisis Communications