On Demand Training

Thank you for your interest in our on-demand training for libraries. Before you register for an individual webinar, we wanted to let you know about our new academy subscription option! You’ll get access to our full academy of content for one year, and you’ll get early access to new topics. Full Academy Access starts at $499 per year per person, that’s 50% less than individual subscriptions combined. Here’s how it works!

Full Academy Access: Register for 12 months and get access to the entire academy of content (see topics below). You can register as an individual or for a group. If you are interested in group pricing, we will grant one person per organization a free trial for two weeks. Click on this button to see pricing and to register and/or request a free trial.

Individual Access: Register for 12 months of access to these individual topics. Click on the topic thumbnail below to see pricing and register.

After you register, we will contact you within two business days with payment details and to provide access to the content.

New topics coming in 2023:

  • Creating an Integrated Marketing Campaign (coming in February)
  • What is a Library’s Brand? (coming in April)
  • Getting (and Keeping) New Library Customers (coming in June, just in time to plan ahead for Library Card Signup Month!)

Current Topics: