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Getting to “Yes” – Making a Case for Email Marketing at Your Library

Are you tired of putting a lot of effort into your library’s marketing without getting the results you want? Do you feel like you’re missing the opportunity to speak directly to customers in a way that is strategic and measurable?

Maybe it’s time to expand your email marketing. 

Now available on Niche Academy: 
Getting to “Yes” – Making a Case for Email Marketing at Your Library

In this webinar, we will discuss the benefits of email marketing for libraries and their customers. We will cover how to make a case for email marketing; how it can increase customer engagement, usage and program attendance; and how to ensure transparency and legal compliance. Includes a checklist and handout to help you make the case to library leadership and decision-makers.

Pricing: (6-month license)
Individual participation (1 person per license): $50
6-24 participants: $300
25-49 participants: $500
50-99 participants: $750
100-199 participants: $1,000
200-299 participants: $1,500
300+ participants = $2,000

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