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Library Marketing & Communications Podcasts

Looking for some new ideas but don't have time to flip through all the library trades and listservs? There are a number of good podcasts out there with episodes and interviews that focus on library marketing and communications. Here are a few podcast episodes I've been interviewed for, and if you like these, you can… Continue reading Library Marketing & Communications Podcasts

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Library Advocacy Webinar

You know I love to highlight great work that other organizations are doing, especially if it can help my clients and colleagues in the library industry. I recently attended an NC LIVE event called Advocacy 101: Breaking Down How to Speak Up with Nate McGaha, Executive Director of Arts North Carolina. I thought his tips… Continue reading Library Advocacy Webinar

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The Library Marketing Book Club

I'm writing this to plug an awesome book club that I have participated in: the Library Marketing Book Club. I was recently scrolling through posts on their Facebook Group, and was so impressed with the quality of guests and the diversity of membership. As of today they have 899 members on Facebook, and have had… Continue reading The Library Marketing Book Club

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Coming in February: Creating an Integrated Marketing Campaign (On-Demand Webinar)

Libraries communicate with their audiences through many channels. These can include everything from websites to social media to print collateral to email. Integrated marketing is a strategy that can bring all of these channels into alignment so that the library is telling a cohesive story that makes an impact with audiences. This webinar will help… Continue reading Coming in February: Creating an Integrated Marketing Campaign (On-Demand Webinar)

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Planet Money Story on Libraries and eBooks

I often spend my Sundays and listening to NPR. (Such a cliché, I know!) But this past weekend, there was a story I was especially to hear. It was a Planet Money story about libraries, publishers and eBooks - a topic I've been following for nearly 15 years. Back when I was Director of Marketing… Continue reading Planet Money Story on Libraries and eBooks