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Pivoting During the Pandemic

I recently had the honor of being asked to contribute to a new book from ALA Editions. Pivoting during the Pandemic: Ideas for Serving Your Community Anytime, Anywhere is now available for preorder and will be out this spring. Here's a description. When the pandemic suddenly forced many public libraries to close their doors or… Continue reading Pivoting During the Pandemic

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Grant Opportunities and Marketing

Many libraries and other community-serving organizations rely on grants to fund and enhance their programs and services.Unfortunately, marketing and communications considerations are often an afterthought when applying for grants. I have heard this from colleagues at libraries and nonprofits for years. So why not flip the script and start your grant application process with a… Continue reading Grant Opportunities and Marketing

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Reflections from my community engagement panel at ALA 2019

Last weekend, I attended the 2019 American Library Association Conference in Washington, DC. It was a great conference and a wonderful opportunity to connect with new and familiar professionals who work in the library industry. On Saturday, June 22, I presented as part of a Panel Discussion called "Community Engagement as a Mindset," hosted by… Continue reading Reflections from my community engagement panel at ALA 2019

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Reflections from the John Cotton Dana Awards Jury 2019

I spent two days last week in Chicago, reviewing award entries as a member of the John Cotton Dana jury. This is my third and last year of serving on this jury, after winning the award myself in 2016. The John Cotton Dana Award honors outstanding library public relations. Each year, we review dozens of… Continue reading Reflections from the John Cotton Dana Awards Jury 2019

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New video on the Marketing Funnel and Sieve

Since I debuted the "marketing funnel or sieve" concept at the Library Marketing and Communications Conference in St. Louis last November, I've been trying to figure out a way to share it with a broader audience. I decided to create a video – and even though it's still a work in progress, I'd like to share… Continue reading New video on the Marketing Funnel and Sieve