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Libraries Reopening After COVID-19

I've been thinking a lot lately about what libraries must be going through as they plan to reopen after being closed due to COVID-19. It must be such a mix of emotions for library leaders and employees. Excited to go back to the jobs that they love. Nervous about being exposed to germs. Uncertain about… Continue reading Libraries Reopening After COVID-19

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Podcast Interview: “Library Marketing With Cordelia Anderson”

Last year, I was interviewed for the "Public Libraries Podcast," in which I spoke about the relevancy challenges facing libraries, as well as different strategies and tactics that libraries can use to market themselves. We'll also cover the library "marketing funnel" and how libraries can remove internal customer barriers to increase usage and engagement. Listen… Continue reading Podcast Interview: “Library Marketing With Cordelia Anderson”

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Podcast Transcript: “Library Figures” interview on Social Media in Libraries

Thanks to my awesome intern Sydney, I now have transcripts of several of the podcasts I've been interviewed for. The transcript below is from the podcast Library Figures, and we talk about how to empower library staff and grow your social media impact. Tyler Byrd: Cordelia, it’s going to be so great to have you on… Continue reading Podcast Transcript: “Library Figures” interview on Social Media in Libraries

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Reflections from my community engagement panel at ALA 2019

Last weekend, I attended the 2019 American Library Association Conference in Washington, DC. It was a great conference and a wonderful opportunity to connect with new and familiar professionals who work in the library industry. On Saturday, June 22, I presented as part of a Panel Discussion called "Community Engagement as a Mindset," hosted by… Continue reading Reflections from my community engagement panel at ALA 2019

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Customer Experience Spotlight: Car Repair

Periodically I profile a different industry from the perspective of the customer. I'll detail my experience and talk about how that industry could improve the customer experience. Retaining customers is a key business function, enabling organizations to grow and reach their goals. It also affects the bottom line: it costs four to 20 times as… Continue reading Customer Experience Spotlight: Car Repair