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Library Programs & Services During the Pandemic

I recently reached out to some of my clients and colleagues for examples of how they are serving their communities during the pandemic. Here are a few of the examples I received. Spartanburg County Public Libraries made it easier for people to access digital collections by allowing new customers to register for a "digital card"… Continue reading Library Programs & Services During the Pandemic

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New Article About Library Marketing Funnel

If you subscribe to Marketing Library Services, I have a new article - "The Library Marketing Funnel Explained" - in the January/February issue,¬†out now. In it, I use the concept of the "marketing funnel" to explain how libraries gain and lose customers, and what we must to to improve the customer experience so that libraries… Continue reading New Article About Library Marketing Funnel


White Paper: Navigating Unstable Library Funding in a Challenging World

This white paper originated as a series on this blog. The series shared experiences and lessons learned from serving as the marketing and communications director for a large public library during the 2008 recession and resulting library funding cuts. My hope is that this whitepaper will help libraries prepare for and respond to funding challenges… Continue reading White Paper: Navigating Unstable Library Funding in a Challenging World

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Libraries Reopening After COVID-19

I've been thinking a lot lately about what libraries must be going through as they plan to reopen after being closed due to COVID-19. It must be such a mix of emotions for library leaders and employees. Excited to go back to the jobs that they love. Nervous about being exposed to germs. Uncertain about… Continue reading Libraries Reopening After COVID-19


Library Marketing & Communications “Town Hall”

In April 2020, I hosted two Library Marketing & Communications "Town Halls." I asked the question, as libraries are impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak, how are library marketing and communications professionals responding? Topics included: Communications before, during and after the crisis Customer engagement strategies Current and potential funding challenges Participants learned from my experiences and… Continue reading Library Marketing & Communications “Town Hall”