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Marketing Masterclass with Patron Point

Last year, I collaborated with Patron Point on a Marketing Masterclass for their customers. It’s now available! Here’s more info.

About the Masterclass

Marketing in public libraries has become a major focus over recent years with the recognition of the need to engage the community, raise awareness of the wide range of services available from the library and to bring them back into the library post-pandemic.

It comes down to telling your story. In today’s environment, with so many different things competing for people’s attention, it simply isn’t enough to open your doors and wait for people to come. Libraries must market their services in ways that are compelling to their communities.

As leaders in public library marketing, we have partnered with library marketing expert Cordelia Anderson, to develop the Masterclass. The series is based on practical examples of marketing in libraries and we hope that it will provide a greater understanding of how library marketing works, along with practical strategies that libraries can implement immediately.

The Masterclass is delivered over 7 pre-recorded sessions via the Niche Academy learning management platform.

Learners can move at their own pace and pause, rewind and return to any of the sessions and is available.

1Introduction to Marketing30 minutes
2Strengthening Customer Engagement20 minutes
3How to Create and Deliver Engaging Content30 minutes
4Key Performance Indicators25 minutes
5Using Customer Feedback20 minutes
6Practical Strategies for Implementing Patron Point20 minutes
7Best Practices from Proven Programs™15 minutes

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