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The Library Marketing Book Club

I’m writing this to plug an awesome book club that I have participated in: the Library Marketing Book Club. I was recently scrolling through posts on their Facebook Group, and was so impressed with the quality of guests and the diversity of membership. As of today they have 899 members on Facebook, and have had guests such as Seth Godin, one of my favorite marketing experts.

Some of the books they discuss are library-specific, others are ore broadly about marketing and communications.

The group is led by Chris Boivin, Assistant Director of Community Relations and Marketing at Jacksonville Public Library. In recent years, they have added an email newsletter (which you can subscribe to on their website), and a YouTube Channel with recordings of meetings. Here’s the video from when I joined the group to talk about my book in April 2021:

They even gave me this sweet candle after I participated!

If you work in library marketing and communications, I strongly recommend joining this group. Even if you can’t make it to the meetings, the discussions on Facebook are very robust, and you can always access the recordings at a later time.

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