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My cat peed on my vision board … but I’m still excited about 2023!

Yep. That headline is not a joke.

Some of you know that I sometimes share my office with my 1-year-old dog Brookie and my 7-year-old ragdoll cat, Winter. They tend to convene in there (and get into fights) while I’m having Zoom calls. And Winter is always trying to drink my glasses of water. But the most egregious pet offense occurred earlier this month, when my 2023 vision board slipped onto the floor.

I guess the rectangle shape reminder her of a litter box?

For whatever reason, Winter told me EXACLY what she thought of my plans for the year. Yet despite her attempt to squash my enthusiasm, I feel pretty good about what 2023 has to offer. I see my clients making great strides in their marketing and communications, I have opportunities to meet new people in person and virtually, and I have the privilege of working with community-serving organizations like libraries, nonprofits and more. 

How are YOU feeling about 2023? And do your pets have any opinions? We’d love to hear it! Send me an email with your thoughts! 

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