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Library Advocacy Webinar

You know I love to highlight great work that other organizations are doing, especially if it can help my clients and colleagues in the library industry. I recently attended an NC LIVE event called Advocacy 101: Breaking Down How to Speak Up with Nate McGaha, Executive Director of Arts North Carolina. I thought his tips… Continue reading Library Advocacy Webinar

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The Library Marketing Book Club

I'm writing this to plug an awesome book club that I have participated in: the Library Marketing Book Club. I was recently scrolling through posts on their Facebook Group, and was so impressed with the quality of guests and the diversity of membership. As of today they have 899 members on Facebook, and have had… Continue reading The Library Marketing Book Club

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My cat peed on my vision board … but I’m still excited about 2023!

Yep. That headline is not a joke. Some of you know that I sometimes share my office with my 1-year-old dog Brookie and my 7-year-old ragdoll cat, Winter. They tend to convene in there (and get into fights) while I'm having Zoom calls. And Winter is always trying to drink my glasses of water. But… Continue reading My cat peed on my vision board … but I’m still excited about 2023!