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Coming in February: Creating an Integrated Marketing Campaign (On-Demand Webinar)

Libraries communicate with their audiences through many channels. These can include everything from websites to social media to print collateral to email. Integrated marketing is a strategy that can bring all of these channels into alignment so that the library is telling a cohesive story that makes an impact with audiences.

This webinar will help you to create an integrated marketing campaign for your library – whether it is centered around a project or your library’s big-picture goals. You’ll walk away with practical strategies and templates that you can use to create and execute a plan for your library, and explain to internal colleagues why this is important.

Did You Know?

Rather than getting access to just this one webinar, you could have access to our full academy of content for one year! Prices start at $499. Visit our on-demand offerings page for more information, or click here to register for full academy access!

Topics include:

  • You Can Build a Library Marketing Plan
  • Social Media Strategies for Your Library
  • Best Practices for Creating & Marketing Programs
  • More Than Programs: Marketing Library Services, Collections, Spaces, and More
  • Getting to “Yes” – Making a Case for Email Marketing at Your Library
    Crisis Communications for Libraries
  • What is a Library’s Brand? (coming in April 2023)
  • Getting (and Keeping) New Library Customers (coming in June 2023, just in time to plan ahead for Library Card Signup Month!)

Full Academy subscribers will get exclusive early access to new content, and access to monthly Zoom “Office Hours” where you can ask me questions, share your ideas and give feedback about the content. All participants receive a coupon code for $10 off my book from ALA Editions. 

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