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New On-Demand Webinar: Best Practices for Creating & Marketing Programs

Libraries have been offering programming for decades, and in many cases the planning model has been, “Let’s plan a program, promote it, and see who shows up.” This approach hasn’t changed much, even with social and technological changes, not to mention the pandemic and streaming programs. In this two-part video series, we’ll start with how to effectively plan programs based on audience wants and needs, then we’ll discuss how to reach your audiences effectively with marketing strategies.

In Part 1, we will discuss a method for planning programs that begins with the end in mind. Marketing starts with identifying your customer’s needs and wants, then developing programs and services to meet those needs and wants.

We’ll discuss how to use research – quantitative and qualitative – to plan and market programs that will engage your customers. We’ll also cover how this more strategic approach can save time and resources for your library.

In Part 2, we’ll discuss best practices for marketing these programs. We’ll talk about “bundling” programs and services for different audience segments. We’ll also discuss concepts such as the “hub and spoke” model for digital marketing, how to encourage word-of-mouth marketing and how to continue to derive value from your program even after it is over.

Pricing: (6-month license)
1 participant: $100
25+ participants: $1,000
50+ participants: $1,500
100+ participants: $2,000
200+ participants: $3,000
300+ participants = $4,000

If you are interested in group pricing, CAC will grant one person per organization a free trial for two weeks. To register for an individual or organization, and/or request a free trial, fill out the form below.

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