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Social Media Strategies: How to Manage Social Media?

One of the most common questions I get at conferences and events, and in my consulting work, is “What’s the best way to manage social media?” As much I wish for simplicity, there isn’t one answer. It really depends on your organization, your comfort with risk, the skill sets of your employees, and the policies adn governance you have in place.

Having said all of that, I do have a favorite method for managing social media, which is what I call the “hybrid” structure. There are really three approaches an orgabnization can take: fully centralized management, fully decentralized management, and a hybrid of both. The hybrid method can give you the best of both worlds – IF you do the work up front.

There are a few steps that go into this, which is why I’ve created a 45-minute webinar on the topic. This webinar is only $50 for an individual participant to access it for six months.

If you’re looking for some no-cost adice, I did an interview on the Marketing Figures podcast a few years back that has some useful tips.

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