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Coming Soon: Crisis Communications for Libraries ON DEMAND

Is your library prepared for a crisis? Or do you dread that phone call or email that tells you to drop everything because something has happened and your library needs to make a statement?

Many people avoid crisis communications planning because it feels like an unpleasant topic. But if you’ve lived through a crisis at work (or a dozen), you know that having a plan is a waaaay more pleasant experience. Maybe it’s finally time to jump in and create (or update) your crisis communications plan!

Coming soon to my Niche Academy: Crisis Communications for Libraries.

A crisis is any situation that threatens the integrity or reputation of your organization. This could include funding reductions, safety or security events or health issues at your library. In this webinar you will learn how to create a Crisis Communications Plan so you can be prepared and know how you will communicate in the event of a crisis. This includes who will communicate, what they will say, what audiences need to hear the message, and how you will reach them. We will also discuss the distinction between a Crisis Communications Plan and a Crisis Response Plan.

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