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More Than Programs: Marketing Library Services, Collections, Spaces, and More

Do you ever feel like your library marketing efforts are out of balance? Do you want to branch out (pun intended) from promoting library programs?

There are many wonderful things that libraries offer, and many people who would benefit from these services and offerings. So let’s figure out how to rebalance and reprioritize so you can tell a more complete story of your library’s relevance.

On Demand Webinar More Than Programs: Marketing Library Services, Collections, Spaces, and More

Programs have become a popular offering among library employees and customers alike. However, most libraries spend the bulk of their budgets on three things: employees, books and buildings. So why do we spend the bulk of our time marketing programs? In this session we will discuss how to expand your marketing efforts to include and even prioritize other offerings such as collections, online resources, physical spaces and staff expertise. Using real examples, we’ll review how marketing and communications are essential to supporting and communicating a library’s strategic priorities. Finally, we will explore how this broader approach can actually help to strengthen your library’s reputation and brand.

Did You Know?

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