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It’s Here! On-Demand Library Marketing Training

I’m so excited to announce my latest offering, now available on Niche Academy, an 8-part video series called “You Can Build a Library Marketing & Communications Plan.”

Through eight short 15-minute videos, I will walk you through the process of creating a Marketing & Communications Plan for your library. Each video builds on the previous one, and includes a short quiz to test your knowledge. Templates and slides are provided along the way so that you can begin creating elements of your plan as you go. At the end, you receive a template and step-by-step instructions to pull all of the elements of your plan together into one document.

Did You Know?

Rather than getting access to just this one video series, you could have access to our full academy of content for one year! Prices start at $499. Visit our on-demand offerings page for more information, or click here to register for full academy access!

Video Descriptions

Part 1: In this video, “Laying the Groundwork for Your Plan” (# 1 of 8), we will discuss the “why” and “how” of creating a strategic marketing and communications plan. We’ll review the “RPIE” planning method, which stands for Research, Planning, Implementation & Evaluation. We’ll also talk about research methods, and how to structure your plan so that the elements align to help you reach your goals.

Part 2: In this video, ” Identifying Your Audiences” (# 2 of 8), we will discuss how to identify audiences using the following categories: internal, external, and funding stakeholders. We’ll also discuss how you can brainstorm the unique audiences for your library. Includes Audiences Template.

Part 3: In this video, “Creating Goals & Objectives” (# 3 of 8), we will discuss how to set goals and objectives, including definitions of each, and how to construct a measurable objective. Includes Goals & Objectives Template.

Part 4: In this video, “Developing Key Messages,” (#4 of 8), we will discuss the language you use to communicate about your library. We’ll define key messages and why they are important. We’ll talk about different types of key messages, how to find and use your existing key messages, and how to develop new ones.

Part 5: In this video, “Creating a Content Calendar,” (#5 of 8), we talk about Seasonal Key Messages and how you can us a Content Calendar to capture them. These messages change regularly as you add new programs, launch new initiatives and so on. Includes Sample Content Calendar.

Part 6: In this video, “Developing Strategies & Tactics,” (#6 of 8), the rubber hits the road, as we begin to map out how you will get your messages to your audiences so that you can achieve your objectives and goal. We also do a mini communications audit to capture what you are already doing before adding new strategies and tactics. Includes Strategies & Tactics Template.

Part 7: In this video, “Identifying Key Metrics,” (#7 of 8), we will revisit our Measurable Objectives and look at the different ways we can measure our efforts. We’ll also discuss how you can create a data dashboard to track these measures. Includes Data Dashboard Sample.

Part 8: In this video, “Pulling it All Together,” (#8 of 8), we will take what we’ve learned in the first seven videos and pull it all together into a Marketing & Communications Plan. We will download a template and walk through how to fill it out step by step, using the information you have gathered throughout the series. Then we’ll discuss creating your own content calendar and data dashboard. Includes Final M&C Plan Template.

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