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New Article About Library Marketing Funnel

If you subscribe to Marketing Library Services, I have a new article – “The Library Marketing Funnel Explained” – in the January/February issue, out now. In it, I use the concept of the “marketing funnel” to explain how libraries gain and lose customers, and what we must to to improve the customer experience so that libraries and the communities we serve can thrive. 

Here’s a description. “One of the overarching goals of library marketing and promotion is to move people from simply being aware of offerings to using them, repeatedly. One great tool for illustrating the steps in that customer journey is the marketing funnel. In this cover story, expert Cordelia Anderson explains the levels that library users travel through within the funnel—and the “holes” where users can “fall out” of it. She notes important pain points that librarians can fix in order to keep the users within the funnel long enough to make them loyal customers, and even active advocates.”

Read the full article online and subscribe to MLS!

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