CAC Updates

Professional Development in a Post-COVID World

I was recently talking to a friend about professional development opportunities for employees. He said, “Now that conferences have been cancelled due to COVID-19, I’m encouraging my employees to continue their professional development via books, webinars and other online learning options.”

I think this is becoming more and more common, as most 2020 conferences have been either cancelled or moved to virtual platforms.

In a recent newsletter, I asked my readers, “How are you continuing your professional development this fall?”

40% responded “I’m attending virtual conferences”
27% responded “I’m reading more books”
27% responded “I’m attending webinars”
6% responded that they were not doing any professional development at this time

No matter where you are or what you do, I hope that you find ways to make time for yourself and your personal or professional development. On the other hand, if you’re juggling too many things right now, it’s also ok to take a break. These are unprecedented times. 

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