Professional Speaking

Do you need a speaker for your next event, training or webinar?

I have a passion for helping community-serving organizations grow and thrive, and extensive experience delivering high-impact speeches, presentations and training sessions.

I’m also an established library expert with a book about marketing and communications for ALA Editions coming out this year. 

Here are just a few examples of events that I can help you with:

  • Conference
  • Members Meeting
  • Staff In Service Day
  • In-Person or Web-Based Training

New Keynote Topic: Adopting a Growth Mindset, Or What I Learned Riding a Bike from Paris to London

Sometimes, when faced with a new challenge, the biggest obstacle blocking our path is our own mindset. We start with all the reasons we think we can’t do something, rather than starting with the belief and assertion that we can. I faced a similar challenge in 2016 when I decided to fly across the world, join a group of strangers, and ride a bike from Paris to London. In overcoming my own imagined limitations and adopting a growth mindset, I learned valuable lessons that can be applied to life and work. Join me as I share my story, as well as the 10 lessons I learned that can be applied to work. This talk is a great way to kick off a new planning process, get employees inspired for a new initiative, or even infuse a little fun and adventure into your organizational culture.

Additional Topics

Library Staff or In Service Day: Keynote Address or Breakout Session
Sample Topics:

  • Telling Your Story
  • Community Engagement Strategies
  • Connecting With Library Customers
  • Implementing a New Strategic Plan
  • Removing Barriers for Library Customers

Conference: Keynote Address or Breakout Session
Sample Topics: 

  • Taking a Strategic Approach to Marketing & Communications
  • Customer Engagement Strategies
  • Email and Social Media Marketing
  • Crisis Communications for Libraries
  • Answering the Question, “Do We Still Need Libraries?”

Webinar or Training
Sample Topics: 

  • “Leveling Up” Your Marketing & Communications
  • Putting the “Relationship” in Media Relations
  • Welcoming New Customers to the Library
  • Communicating the Library’s Value & Impact 
  • Gathering and Telling Stories of Impact

These are just a few examples. I can also speak to boardscommittees and advisory groups. Rest assured that I can customize my content and delivery to your needs and audience. My primary goal is to help you have a successful event and achieve your outcomes. 

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“Cordelia provided the keynote at our annual library PR idea exchange for South Carolina public and academic librarians and was quite successful in captivating attendees! She spoke about how libraries can move from a promotion strategy to an engagement strategy and gave us all great ideas for taking our promotion to the next level. I even had a few library staff members ask me for her contact information days after the exchange.”- Dr. Curtis Rogers, Communications Director, SC State Library

“I can’t recommend Cordelia highly enough! She brings years of experience helping libraries communicate their services and develop community relationships. Her warm and friendly presence quickly wins over audiences and creates a welcoming environment. After seeing Cordelia deliver the keynote address at the 2018 Library Marketing and Communications Conference, I immediately wanted to share the wisdom and advice she offered. I was fortunate to be able to bring in Cordelia to develop and lead an interactive training on communication practices that was approachable for attendees of all levels of experience. As one attendee said, ‘I feel empowered and have actionable steps to take to begin evaluating my library’s communications.'”- Amanda Johnson, Data Analysis & Communications Consultant, NC Dept. of Natural and Cultural Resources

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