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New Product for Public Information Officers

I worked in local government for over 15 years, mostly in libraries, so I understand the rewards and challenges of being a Public Information Officer. I also know how it feels like we are too busy doing the actual work to step back and create a plan. Even when we know we should! Over the years, I discovered… Continue reading New Product for Public Information Officers

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How to measure communications plan success

Many times when we talk about communications plans and campaigns, we focus on the tactics. Which makes sense - there are the things we can see. The clever social media post, the direct mail piece, the slick website. But the true way to evaluate a communications plan or marketing campaign is through measurement. My favorite… Continue reading How to measure communications plan success

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Customer Experience Spotlight: Car Repair

Periodically I profile a different industry from the perspective of the customer. I'll detail my experience and talk about how that industry could improve the customer experience. Retaining customers is a key business function, enabling organizations to grow and reach their goals. It also affects the bottom line: it costs four to 20 times as… Continue reading Customer Experience Spotlight: Car Repair

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New video on the Marketing Funnel and Sieve

Since I debuted the "marketing funnel or sieve" concept at the Library Marketing and Communications Conference in St. Louis last November, I've been trying to figure out a way to share it with a broader audience. I decided to create a video – and even though it's still a work in progress, I'd like to share… Continue reading New video on the Marketing Funnel and Sieve