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Article: How Charlotte Mecklenburg Library plans to become “essential”

Following up on several articles about the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library’s marketing efforts, Charlotte Agenda interviewed me, and today released a new article that should be of interest to Library and marketing professionals alike.

How Charlotte Mecklenburg Library plans to become “essential”
By Kylie Moore


When people step into my living room and see a stack of library books on the coffee table and a Kindle, also filled with books from the library, thrown haphazardly on the couch, they’re confused.

“You check out books from the library?” one friend asked, picking up one hardcover book and turning it over before placing it back on top of the two it was perched on. “People actually still do that? I don’t even think I have a library card.”

My turn to be confused. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I’m a Charlotte Mecklenburg Library power user.

But I had to wonder: Do people still do that?

“The answer to all of your questions is ‘yes,’” Cordelia Anderson, marketing director for the library, told me when I asked about whether membership numbers and physical checkouts remained strong despite new elements like Kindles. “Over the years, it has gone up, it has gone down, but right now, overall, it’s an upward trend that we’ve been following since the recession.”

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